Photo: Toledo Museum of Art

This Surreal Cascade of Flowers Is an Art Exhibit Like No Other

Art + Architecture Ohio, United States
Photo: Toledo Museum of Art
Eben Diskin
Sep 28, 2018

This surreal installation at the Toledo Museum of Art in Ohio sets the bar unfairly high for other art exhibits.

Using 150,000 plants and flowers native to northwest Ohio, British installation artist Rebecca Louise Law created this incredible display of cascading flowers. It’s intended to be an immersive experience, so visitors can walk among the many beautiful flower garlands and consider the relationship between humans and nature.

The installation is called “Community,” which is truly reflective of the process required to complete the exhibit. It took 1,800 volunteer hours to gather the necessary materials, with volunteers also helping string together garlands of fresh, dried plants and flowers.

In an effort to create a sustainable installation, Rebecca Louise Law reused everything that she had ever used in artwork over the past 10 years, as well as new, fresh flowers.

Flower exhibit at the Toledo Museum of Art

Photo: Toledo Museum of Art/Facebook

The installation at the Toledo Museum of Art will be on display until January 13th, 2019. To learn more about Law’s installation, visit the museum’s official website. Tickets can be reserved here for $10 each.

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