Photo: James Billings

See the Moon Unlike Ever Before Thanks To This Illuminated Exhibit

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Photo: James Billings
Eben Diskin Morgane Croissant
Jun 8, 2021

Good news for amateur astronomers and wannabe cosmonauts: You won’t have to wait until space tourism becomes a feasible and affordable option to see the moon in all its glory. The “Museum of the Moon” exhibit, a touring artwork installation by UK-based artist Luke Jerram, is coming to the United States this fall, and it’ll allow visitors to get up close and personal with the moon’s surface.

Museum of the Moon

Photo: Robert Sils

Measuring 23 feet in diameter with a scale of 1:500,000, the Museum of the Moon will be a beautifully internally lit spherical sculpture. It’ll also give a scientifically accurate and detailed representation of the moon’s surface.

Luke Jerram, the museum’s creator, explained that since the moon has fascinated and inspired artists, poets, scientists, and writers throughout history, he hopes his installation will continue that tradition.

Museum of the Moon

Photo: Leeds Living

True to the celestial body that inspired it, the Museum of the Moon will not be stationary. It will tour various countries for the rest of 2021, including a stop in Norfolk, VA, this fall. These are the dates:

  • Expressions Whirinaki, New Zealand: May 8 — July 4
  • Strasbourg Cathedral (L’Ososphère), France: June 3-13
  • Longleat, UK: June 19 — September 12
  • Bunjil Place, Narre Warren, Australia: June 24 — July 4
  • New Zealand International Science Festival, Dunedin: July 13-18
  • Milton Keynes International Festival, UK: July 22-25
  • WOMAD Festival, UK: July 22-25
  • Bristol Cathedral, UK: August 11-30
  • Night Light & More, Clervaux, Luxembourg: August 27-29
  • Wells Cathedral, UK: October 12 — November 3
  • Barry Art Museum, Norfolk VA, USA: October 15-17

To bask in the moonlight yourself when the Museum of the Moon is in the US, check out the Barry Art Museum’s website for more details.

A version of this article was previously published on September 14, 2018, and was updated on June 8, 2021, with more information.

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