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France Is Opening Three Underwater Sculpture Parks This Fall

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by Eben Diskin Sep 22, 2020

In-person museums are opening up again, but there’s one type of museum that makes social distancing particularly easy: underwater. Three aquatic sculpture projects are set to be submerged off the coast of France this fall.

On September 19, Corsican collector Francois Ollandini added three sculptures by Marc Petit to the seven already submerged at the foot of the Isolella Tower near Ajaccio. A sculpture of the goddess Gaia also sits in the water in front of Lazaret Ollandini, the collector’s home and private museum dedicated to Petit’s work.

Ollandini has also commissioned 18 other sculptures from Petit, to be submerged in a location not yet determined. He hopes to install them in a fishing- and sailing-free zone on the coast north of Ajaccio.

Petit will also contribute a sculpture to Marseille’s Musée Subaquatique, a snorkeling attraction slated to open on September 24. It will include 10 pieces by different artists installed 16 feet under the waters of the city center beach Les Catalans.

British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor, who has already partaken in sculpture parks in Mexico, Lanzarote, Indonesia, and more is also getting in on the fun. He is preparing six works for a November submarine display 13 feet below the surface of water to the south of the island of Sainte Marguerite in the Bay of Cannes.

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