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This Epic ‘Game of Thrones’ Luxury Cruise Will Take You to the Series’ Emblematic Filming Locations

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by Eben Diskin Nov 20, 2019

If you’re still in denial about Game of Thrones ending, there’s a way to cling onto the series a little bit longer. A Game of Thrones cruise experience is launching in 2021 thanks to Dalmatian Travel & Events. The Cruise of Thrones will bring fans to filming locations across Europe, with guests able to choose from several itineraries depending upon their trip preferences. Two itineraries are eight-day excursions sailing either toward the north (Iceland, Ireland, and Northern Ireland) or the south (Spain, Malta, and Croatia). You can also book both sailings back to back for an epic 16-day trip where you get to see it all.

Some highlights include visiting the filming locations of the Tower of Joy and the Citadel in Spain; King’s Landing in Malta; the Fist of the First Men in Iceland; and the Wall, Castle Black, and Winterfell in Ireland.

When you’re not visiting these iconic locations, you’ll be relaxing on a ship decorated to resemble the world of GoT. According to the cruise’s website, dining rooms will “transform into the feasting halls of Winterfell. The Solarium becomes the Water Gardens of Dorne. The walk to your stateroom is through the Great Pyramid of Mereen.”

There’ll also be events specifically designed for hardcore fans, like storytelling, a cosplay parade, scavenger hunt, podcasts, lectures, and panel discussions. And with featured guests promised, the GoT vibe certainly won’t be lost while onboard.

Cruise packages begin at $5,130 per person, with a deposit of $1,000 due at the time of reservation. The cruise is planned to set sail in September 2021. Visit the website for a chance to win this cruise free for two — a $10,000 value.

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