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This Gin-Scented Tunnel in London Will Make Your Daily Commute a Lot More Exciting

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by Eben Diskin Aug 19, 2019

Commuting to work on the train probably isn’t the most glamorous or exciting moment of your day, but Hendrick’s Gin is livening it up for people in London.

With the help of creative agency Space, it has decorated a tunnel inside King’s Cross Station with rose- and cucumber-scented posters to create an olfactory experience that snaps commuters out of the doldrums of their daily journeys.

Gin-scented tunnel in London

Photo: Space

London’s first-ever branded tunnel wrap is 230 feet long and beautifully illustrated with Hendrick’s signature style — a colorful and cheery sort of steampunk. The floor of the tunnel also got the Hendrick’s treatment to make the experience even more immersive. And the lovely scents of rose and cucumbers are, of course, meant to imitate the botanicals used in Hendrick’s spirit.

The Hendrick’s motto is “to escape the conventional and embrace the delectable,” which it’s definitely accomplishing with this unique installation.

The tunnel links the Piccadilly and Victoria lines to the Northern Line ticket hall until September, so there’s still a few weeks for you to go see it. Unfortunately, there are no reports of actual gin samples being served inside the tunnel.

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