This Glow-in-the-Dark Ramen Shop Looks Deliciously Radioactive

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by Eben Diskin Jan 18, 2019

This ramen shop looks like a scene from your strangest post-nuclear disaster dream, but with tasty food. Nakamura-ke, a glow-in-the-dark restaurant experience, will open in Atlanta, Georgia on January 30, giving guests a surreal dining experience.

The idea for Nakamura came to its creator, Ami Sueki, in a dream three years ago. The pop-up shop is designed to tell the story of the Nakamuras, a family of supernatural beings from Japanese folklore, who serve their fluorescent ramen in the underworld.


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Nakamura-ke will be small, seating only about six guests at a time for one 30-minute meal. Guests will feel like they’re inside the folktale, being served glow-in-the-dark dishes and cocktails in a space with fantastical decor populated by guests from the underworld sharing tales — it’s dinner and theatre all rolled into one.

Sueki partnered with London design firm Bompas and Parr to create the luminescent food, using quinine and natural food coloring to produce the effect.


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This glow-in-the-dark dining experience will set you back $75 per person. Tickets for the Atlanta opening, which runs from January 30 to February 16, are already sold out. In the near future, Nakamura-ke expects to come to Los Angeles, London, Miami, New York City, Tokyo, Seoul, Sydney, and Dubai.

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