If you fantasize about leaving everything behind to live a rustic life on a remote, windswept island, you now have a chance to make your dream come true. Great Blasket Island, an island off the coast of Kerry in southwestern Ireland, announced via Twitter that it’s looking for either a couple or two friends to manage the island’s accommodation and coffee shop. The job is temporary, running from April 2020 until October 2020.

The accommodation includes three cottages that can house up to 21 people. The caretakers will need to provide tea, coffee, and snacks to the visitors.

Although specific payment isn’t specified, the job does include food and accommodation. It does not, however, include electricity, Wi-Fi, or hot showers.

But that doesn’t seem to deter applicants since large numbers of people, from Alaska to South Africa, have applied for the position, according to RTÉ.

Blasket Island in Ireland

Photo: Google Maps

Great Blasket Island is the largest of a group of six islands off the Dingle Peninsula and a beautiful place to hang out, but keep in mind that six months on a small, windy island might get old (and a little lonely) after a while.

To apply, email Alice at info@greatbasketisland.net.