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George R.R. Martin Made a Video Guide to NYC’s Best Pizza

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by Eben Diskin Dec 6, 2018

If you’re wondering why it’s taking George R.R. Martin so long to finish writing the next book in his A Song of Ice and Fire series, the answer is simple: it’s because he’s been making videos about pizza. Earlier this week, his publisher, Penguin Random House, posted a video called “George R.R. Martin’s Guide to New York City Pizza,” and true to its title, it features the famous author giving his views on New York’s best pizza.

As a native of New Jersey, Martin is somewhat qualified to speak on the subject of New York pizza. He professes his love for coal-fired pizza, particularly from John’s of Bleecker Street and Lombardi’s in Manhattan. As for Brooklyn pizza joints, he names the well-known Di Fara. He does, however, complain about the line at Di Fara, “You have to like stand in line for like three hours,” he says, “and then you get in and they have four tables…but the pizza is amazing!” He also notes that you can’t get any “weird stuff on it though.”

What George R.R. Martin considers “weird stuff” are sprouts, pineapple, or “anything like that.” No, Martin is too busy writing and recording himself talking about pizza to have time for ridiculous toppings. He’s entitled to his opinion, but it might cost him some fans. Toppings are a contentious subject among pizza connoisseurs, and we all know the only debate more fiery than R+L=J is P+B=H (Pineapple + Bacon = Hawaiian).

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