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Heavy Rain Finally Comes to Australia, Extinguishing Two Massive Fires

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by Eben Diskin Feb 10, 2020

After months of untamable wildfires with seemingly no end in sight, a deluge of rain has finally extinguished two of Australia’s massive wildfires. Over the past four days in Sydney, 15.3 inches of rain have caused dangerous floods, but also put out over 30 fires, including the Gospers Mountain blaze northwest of Sydney, which has burned more than 1,265,179 acres since October. The similarly destructive Currowan fire, near the town of Shoalhaven, was also extinguished after 74 days.

According to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service, the rains are “the most positive news we’ve had in some time.”

Despite the welcome relief from the wildfires, the heavy rainfall has left 100,000 homes without power, and officials are warning of dangerous flash floods.

Many are celebrating the rainfall nonetheless. The BBC reported that this weekend’s rainfall has replenished water supplies after years of drought.

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