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Kora’s Hemp T-Shift Is Comfortable and Durable Making It a Perfect Travel Companion

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by Katie Scott Aiton Sep 29, 2023

Kora’s hemp t-shirt is ideal for traveling and everyday use. Made with a blend of hemp, which uses one-twentieth the amount of water as regular cotton to grow and process, it’s also a sustainable buy. This is the first item of clothing I’ve owned in hemp and I’m a convert. Having sensitive skin, I’ve shied away in the past because I wrongly thought it might be too textured for my liking and cause irritation. But it’s the complete opposite. Kora’s blend is not only particularly comfortable and soft, it’s also breathable and hard-wearing. The t-shirt has quickly become one of my favorite essential go-to grabs for working in the garden, hiking, wearing in the gym, and even pairing with jeans and boots for a casual evening out.

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About Kora

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Kora came onto the outdoor clothing scene with their award-winning line of Hima-Layer superior base and technical mid layers, and accessories made from yak wool. The company has championed the potential of the wool and directly sources the fiber from a cooperative of Tibetan nomadic yak herders. Kora’s fair trade and environmental principles are at the core of every design and high-performance product including their range of ethically and sustainably sourced bamboo and hemp clothing. This expanded activewear collection includes skin-friendly layers, sports vests, sweatshirts, track pants, leggings, and more.

Hemp is one powerful fabric

Kora hemp t-shirt close up

Photo: Katie Scott Aiton

Hemp has been used for centuries for making anything from paper, and rope, to clothing. It’s only recently started to make an appearance in the outdoor apparel market. This is a surprise not only because of the aforementioned reduction in water usage but also because it has a lovely drape and hangs like linen. The fabric also becomes softer with use, it naturally filters UV light, combats bacterial growth (due to natural wicking), mitigates odors, and it’s four times stronger than cotton. That means over time garments keep their original shape and do not warp after multiple washes. It’s also great in varying climates. It’s cool in summer and keeps you warm in winter.

It’s versatile making it great for a capsule wardrobe

Man in Kora hemp t-shirt

Photo: Kora

And the all-seasons comfortability couples nicely with it’s multifunctional styling. Before my order arrived, I had in mind that I would use it mainly as an everyday essential. A comfy basic for under a jumper or cardigan at work or for wearing on long car trips or flights, but I’ve found that it’s more versatile. I’ve worn it on multi-day hikes on cold fall days in Scotland without needing to wash between wears, under dungarees while grafting on a hot day in the garden, and to evening events. The crew’s neckline is flattering and it hangs so elegantly that you can dress it up by tucking into belted jeans with a heel. Overall it’s a smart all-rounder item that you can pair with pretty much everything and wear in various ways.

The size and fit are comfortable and accurate

Kora hemp t-shirt with red leaves in background

Photo: Katie Scott Aiton

I love a t-shirt that has a strong fit but is flexible enough to tie into a crop. I’m a size 6, so I opted for a small. And I’m glad I did. The frame and length of the shirt are generous. And that’s not a bad thing. This is not meant to be a skin-tight top, it’s a t-shirt fit that’s roomy enough for airflow but not oversized on the shoulders or chest. Kora also has a nice selection of tanks if you’d prefer something a little more figure-hugging. Or you can opt for the versatility of a shirt and spin a side knot (remember this fabric is strong, so it won’t lose shape like cotton) or tuck it in.

Is it worth the $60 price tag?

I’m in my late-30s and my relationship with fast fashion is long over. I may have considered a price tag such as this for a t-shirt too much in the past, but considering the durability of this product, it’s an investment worth making. And making long-term (and sustainable) investments in your wardrobe just takes a little planning. Rather than spending 20 or 30 bucks here and there for poor quality, I mentally put that money aside and spend less frequently on higher-level garments. And Kora is so confident in their clothing that there’s a “35 day live and love or return guarantee.” That means if you have not fallen head of heels in 35 days you can return and get a refund — but I doubt you will.

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