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Here's What Redditors Wish They Knew Before Traveling Internationally

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by Tim Wenger Apr 16, 2018

Rare is the seasoned traveler who isn’t quick to share insight, advice, and stories from their gallivants. When Reddit user neenoibstudent asked for advice on the popular forum site last Friday, it didn’t take long for the thread to populate. Over the weekend, the post bore a steady stream of useful travel advice that even experienced travelers can draw inspiration from and relate to. Undying wanderlust and a broadened worldview were touched upon by many.

As far as advice, the most common theme noted by travelers was to settle in a destination for more than a day or two. “Don’t go ping-ponging from destination to destination for 1- and 2-night stays,” said user onelittleworld. “Drop anchor in one place, explore it well, and take day trips from there.” User Marshawn_Washngton added, “Travel days take a lot more time and energy than you initially plan. Sometimes it’s better to get to know a couple of places really well than to try and squeeze in superficial 2-day stops at a bunch of places.”

Practical knowledge tended to surround money and travel documents. “Keep spare credit/debit cards, and their details,” said user BulkyAccident. “Have hard copies of all the important information you might need and not just have everything on emails.” Matador’s editorial staff adds here that snapping a quick smartphone photo of your passport and visas isn’t going to hurt your cause either, just in case you lose them and must head to an embassy.

Many discussed the joys of traveling with parents. “If you’re close with one/both of your parents, I’d recommend taking a trip with them if feasible,” noted mikes221. “While I prefer to travel with a friend or significant other, I’ll always cherish the two adventures with my Dad in recent years.”

Another sage piece of insight? Pack light. “Whatever you have you need less of it, except money. You always end up needing more of that,” noted user whidbeysounder.

Avoiding burnout was touched on by a few commenters including mikes221, who noted, “If you’re tired and don’t want to visit another church/museum/temple, you’ll most likely get far more enjoyment out of grabbing a beer with a view, relaxing by the pool, or whatever leisurely activity you choose.”

Perhaps the most important theme for neenoibstudent, and all aspiring travelers, to take to heart is to relax and absorb your surroundings. “One of my favourite things I did in Paris was ordering coffee and pastries and sitting by the café window, watching the world go by,” said user khaldamo. Indeed, taking it all in is part of the travel experience that makes it all worthwhile.

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