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This Luxe Rooftop Pool and Garden Will Stand 430 Feet High in Manhattan

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by Eben Diskin Jun 27, 2019

If you like admiring views from exuberant bodies of water, there’s one pool in the works that you won’t want to pass on. The Renaissance New York Chelsea Hotel, a spot consisting of 38 floors of elegance and luxury, will open in the fall of 2019, in Chelsea’s Flower District in New York City. At 430 feet high, the hotel will be the highest in the neighborhood, and have one of the highest open-air rooftop pools in the city.

The 341 rooms and suites will provide unobstructed views of NYC thanks to the property’s glass facade, but it’s the rooftop terrace with its open-air pool and garden that will leave guests in awe. The panoramic view from the pool will be dotted with New York City landmarks such as the Empire State Building, World Trade Center, Chrysler Building, and the Hudson River.

Reservations for bookings for the hotel starting September 1 are now available.

If you want to enjoy the pool without staying at the hotel, note that, with reservations, the public can access Somewhere Nowhere, the two-floor nightlife lounge that manages the pool.

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