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The Hollywood Sign May Soon Be Accessible by Tram

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by Eben Diskin Jul 16, 2018

The days of being forced to admire Los Angeles’ Hollywood sign from afar, or trekking up the hill to see it, may soon be over. Warner Bros. is planning to build a tramway to bring tourists up to the iconic sign, thereby easing traffic issues in nearby residential neighborhoods. Locals have complained that their streets have become seriously congested due to visitors parking there before walking up to see the sign. The easiest hiking trail to the Hollywood sign was closed last year following complaints from a stable offering horseback rides in the area.

The proposed tramway would bring tourists to the sign in six minutes from the studio’s nearby parking lot. Since Warner Bros. Studio is at the base of the hill, the tramway will likely increase tourism at the studio lot, as well.

Right now, however, the project is only a proposal and hasn’t yet been approved. While it might alleviate many locals’ traffic complaints, such a massive construction project could also pose environmental concerns to nearby Griffith Park, which is home to a variety of fauna and flora.

This isn’t the first attempt to solve the overcrowding problem at the Hollywood sign. Another recent proposal from the Los Angeles City Council called for creating a second Hollywood sign on the opposite slope, to help spread out visitors.

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