California Is Getting a New Surf Resort in the Middle of the Desert

Surfing News
by Eben Diskin Jan 11, 2021

If you thought surfing was a coastal activity, think again. The Palm Springs Surf Club, located in the desert east of Los Angeles, is a former water park soon to be repurposed as a haven for surfers.

The inland surfing resort, which will feature a wave pool that will produce endless beautiful waves is set to open to visitors in 2022.

The property’s in-house expert is veteran surfer Cheyne Magnusson, who believes the location could position the Palm Springs Surf Club to be a unique success, especially since conditions will be entirely controlled (including the shape, size, timing of each wave), and surfers won’t have to worry about fog or the cold.

Officially, Magnusson’s role is the “Chief Hydro Officer.” His job is to control the waves using an iPad.

Michael Brown, a surf systems engineer with SurfLoch Technologies, which is responsible for this wave technology, said to KCRW, “We didn’t know what that perfect wave with all the settings and all the programming looked like from day one, so we made a system that can do just about anything. [I]n doing that, we also created a system that can make just about any wave you want.”

The Palm Springs Surf Resort will have more than just a large wave pool on its 21-acre property. It will also have amenities for children as well as a restaurant, spa, and bar.

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