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These Hiking Boots Give You Powerful Ankle Support When You Need It Most

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by Morgane Croissant May 17, 2024

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Living in rural British Columbia, Canada, there are two types of equipment you absolutely need to enjoy yourself in the outdoors year-round: snow gear and hiking gear. If you fill both needs in one product, you’re golden. It saves you money, space in your closet, and by purchasing fewer items you get to keep your carbon footprint low. For example, if the shell you use for skiing is light enough to fend off the spring showers when on the trails, you’re set. The same goes for boots. If the shoes you use to hike during shoulder season and the summer work well enough to walk in the snow in the winter, you’ve scored.

I walk between three to six miles every day throughout the year, no matter the weather. Sometimes that means hitting the nearby trails and sometimes it means walking the quiet streets of my small town. For around five months out of the year, I walk in snow, or on ice, or both — a deadly combo if you don’t have the right footwear. Luckily, I have found the best shoes for my all-season routine: Jack Wolfskin’s Vojo 3 Texapore Mid W.

The Jack Wolfskin’s Vojo 3 Texapore Mid W are waterproof and have great traction

Photo: Morgane Croissant
Too bad the color palette for these boots is so dull. Photo: Morgane Croissant
Photo: Morgane Croissant

Gone are the days when I’d have a pair boots with supposedly “polar traction” or “snow traction” for winter, as well as a pair of hiking boots for the rest of the year. There’s no need for that at all. The reality is that, no matter what brands advertise, you can’t fight the slipperiness of snow and ice with your outsoles only. You need a traction device that you add to your shoes. My personal favorite, which I have been using for years with great success (no fall, no broken bones), is the IceTrekkers Diamond Grip.

The Jack Wolfskin’s Vojo 3 Texapore Mid W hiking boots have very good traction but, like any other shoes or hiking boots on the market, they won’t protect you 100 percent when the streets are pure ice sheets unless you have cleats. What they do, however, is keep you dry, even while walking in the snow or pouring rain. When the weather is much better, they also keep you safe on trails, whether the terrain is smooth or rocky, dry or wet, thanks to their high-traction outsoles.

Those with a better sense of fashion than me might turn up their nose at the idea of wearing hiking boots throughout the winter but, if I had to choose between being stylish and safe while on my daily walk, I’d go for safe every single time. Remember: Crutches aren’t really classy either. Also, while more fashionable shoes like Blundstones are solid, all-weather boots, walking with them in the snow and salt all winter will damage their beautiful leather exterior. Hiking boots are built to take on anything, and Jack Wolfskin’s Vojo 3 Texapore Mid W are no exception.

The ankle support on the Jack Wolfskin’s Vojo 3 Texapore Mid W is as sturdy as it gets

I thought my former pair of hiking boots, On’s Cloudtrax, were the perfect footwear for me, until I started wearing my Jack Wolfskin’s Vojo 3 Texapore Mid W.

The metal hooks allow for a tighter fit with the laces and a more secure feeling. Photo: Morgane
The cushioning around the ankle makes these hiking boots very cozy. Photo: Morgane Croissant

Since I fractured my right ankle at age 13, I’ve always felt extremely aware of its fragility. It’s never healed exactly right and, for the past 25, has never felt very robust. Having high-top hiking boots allows me to feel a lot safer on uneven terrain. The Vojo 3 Texapore Mid W boots keep my ankles very snug thanks to the tight padding, and the metal hooks at the top let me get the laces very tight, securing myself even further.

While I initially thought I preferred the Cloudtrax drawstring laces for their ease of use, I’m now fully on board with taking the time to firmly lace up to feel more stable.

Just six days ago, I badly sprained my right ankle again. I was walking around town in a pair of sneakers because it was 78 degrees outside and I did not feel the need to wear my boots. Now I wish I had opted for the less practical option. After spending four hours at the ER, the doctor’s orders were for me to wear shoes with good ankle support for as long as I feel necessary, so I’m wearing my Jack Wolfskin boots, no matter the temperature, and it feels like a relief to be solidly encased in my hiking boots rather than have my ankle flopping around whichever way.

What the Jack Wolfskin hiking boots could do better

The thick cushioning throughout and the sturdy outsoles are what makes those hiking boots so comfortable, solid, and durable, but it’s also what makes them a little heavy. At 29.6 oz, these hiking boots can feel a little cumbersome at first, especially when compared to On’s Cloudtrax that weigh just 12.87 oz.

Jack Wolfskin’s Vojo 3 Texapore Mid W hiking boots

Photo: Morgane Croisasnt

While I’m a big advocate of function over form, especially when it comes to outdoor gear, it would not go amiss to give the Jack Wolfskin hiking boots some pizazz. The choice of colors is limited to a selection of five cheerless hues that are very dull. I chose the steel gray model with purple stitching and every time I look at them I think it’s the best, yet most boring pair of shoes I own. I’m of the opinion that adding some bright and vidid colors would make the brand more recognizable, and the boots more fun to wear.

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