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These New Japanese Kit Kats Are Infused With Aged Scotch Whisky

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by Eben Diskin Dec 15, 2020

Japan is well-known for its incredible variety of Kit Kat flavors found nowhere else in the world, like wasabi, edamame soybean, cinnamon cookie, and more. This time around, it’s a very adult flavor that Nestlé Japan has come up with: a Scotch whisky-infused Kit Kat.

Nestle Scottish whisky KitKat bars

Photo: Nestlé

The Kit Kats are made using crumbled pieces of cacao nibs aged in barrels of Scotch whisky on the Scottish island of Islay, which is hallowed ground for whisky lovers. The barrels are rotated once a week to make sure the nibs adopt the taste and aroma of the whisky. The result will be a chocolate infused with a peaty whisky finish.

According to Nestlé, it’s “a bitter chocolate for adults that lets consumers enjoy a hint of refined whisky aroma and taste. During the 180-day period, whisky barrels are manually rotated at a pace of once a week and this puts all of the cacao nibs in the barrel into contact with the whisky barrel’s interior.”

They will only be available online and in Kit Kat’s specialty chocolate shops in a few Japanese cities for $2.90 a piece.

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