The Matador guide to candy around the world

It’s a sweet world out there. Take a bite.


It’s human nature to love sweet tastes, and nothing is sweeter than candy. Chocolate, sour gummies, hard candy, soft candy -- you name it, there’s someone somewhere in the world eating it at this very moment.

Matador Network’s motto is to travel fearlessly. While that means exploring places you haven’t seen before, it also means exploring flavors you’ve haven’t tasted. We ignored sound dental advice to bring you stories about the nostalgia of Dutch salty licorice and we spoke to psychologists to figure out why Americans love to argue about candy corn. We laid out the top destinations for chocolate lovers and we interviewed the people keeping the last great American candy stores alive.

It’s a sweet world out there, we’re here to help you learn about it.

Find a new favorite Candy

The 5 American cities every candy lover needs to visit

Want to understand Dutch culture? Start with salty licorice.

The last great American candy stores keeping the tradition alive

On Dia de los Muertos, sugar skulls represent death through sweetness and nostalgia

10 of the sweetest street foods from around the world

The 9 best candies that aren’t sold in the United States

7 confectionaries every person with a sweet tooth should visit

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The 5 best dessert walking tours in the US

For Chocolate Lovers Only

6 must-visit destinations for chocolate lovers

Where all the chocolate you eat really comes from

The real difference between Swiss and Belgian chocolate, explained

Hershey, Pennsylvania, is even more chocolate-filled now than it was when you were a kid

The ultimate European bucket list trip for chocolate lovers

How climate change will alter chocolate as we know it

Lindt is opening a paradise for chocolate lovers in Zurich

Dig in this Halloween

How the US tried, and failed, to make a national candy day just before Halloween

Why Americans obsess over candy corn, according to psychologists

The most popular Halloween candy in every state

Treat the rainforest right this Halloween with palm oil-free candies

The best and worst Halloween candies, ranked

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