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Here’s the Food You Get on a $3,315 Korean Air Business Class Flight

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by Jori Ayers Aug 31, 2021

Airlines aren’t known for delicious in-flight meals. Especially if you’re flying economy, where it’s not uncommon to be served some stale peanuts or pretzels and a drink and call it a day.

Things are different when you fly business class on Korean Air — though it’ll cost you. Sonny from the Youtube channel Best Ever Food Review Show recently took the plunge on a $3,315 in-flight meal and broke down each course.

On a 13-hour flight, Sonny was treated to a multi-course dinner and free drinks. For his first course, he was served an appetizer of smoked salmon with horseradish cream salad with a vinaigrette dressing, and it came with lotus root soaked in soy sauce and Korean sweet pickles.

For the main course, he received the Korean signature dish bibimbap (rice mixed with an assortment of vegetables and a choice of protein, which in Sonny’s case was beef). Along with the bibimbap was seaweed and a soup made with fermented soybean paste, which aids in washing down the spice from gochujang (a red chili paste).

Then there was dessert, which was cheese in Sonny’s case. There were three different kinds: Munster, Saint-André, and Emmental, which were served with grapes and bread.

That wasn’t all he got for the high price. Eleven hours in, Sonny was served a final meal of bulgogi. This one was served with mushrooms on top of steamed white rice served with spicy radish, Japanese plums, seaweed, and fermented soybean paste soup as sides.

Was it worth spending a couple grand? That’s up to the spender. But one thing is certain: Those who pay the price certainly don’t disembark hungry.

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