Photo: Richard Sowry/Kruger National Park via Twitter

Lions in South Africa’s Kruger National Park Are Taking Over Empty Roads and Golf Courses

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by Eben Diskin Apr 17, 2020

Animals have been taking true advantage of lockdown conditions all around the world, filling the void left but humans on city streets and in parks.

While mountain goats take over Wales and coyotes make themselves at home in the empty streets of San Francisco, in South Africa’s Kruger National Park, lions, impalas, zebras, African wild dogs, hyenas, and giraffes have taken up residence on the roadside and on golf courses.

Park ranger Richard Sowry took some photos of a pride of lions sleeping peacefully on the tarmac road just outside Orpen Rest Camp.

Kruger media officer Isaac Phaala told the BBC that normally the lions would be laying in the bushes because of the cars, but that they are “very smart and now they are enjoying the freedom of the park without us.”

Earlier in the week, Jean Rossouw, greenkeeper at Skukuza Golf Club located within the national park, captured more photos of lions and hyenas strolling about the green. Lionesses even drank from the ponds on the course, and chased hyenas.

Before that, wild dogs showed up on the course without even booking tee time.

Always polite, impalas and zebras decided to chip in and help keep that lawn nice and short, as well as give the trees a little trim.

Given the absence of humans, the park is more than happy to let the animals roam free and enjoy the peaceful environment.

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