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London’s New Restaurant Will Serve Cheese on a Conveyor Belt

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by Eben Diskin Jul 8, 2019

Aspiring vegans will find that the path to a plant-based diet is filled with another delicious obstacle: a cheese restaurant. Opening in September, the new Seven Dials Market in London will host Pick & Cheese, a restaurant with a conveyor belt full of different cheese options.

Over 25 British cheeses will be brought to your seat via the 130-foot conveyor belt, and you can try as many as you’d like. The concept is the same as the now-famous conveyor belt sushi restaurants, but this is a first in the cheese world.

The 38-seat restaurant will be centered around an electronic track that will showcase the various items combined with tasty condiments, such as coolea with hazelnut brittle, and fresh ricotta with sherry-infused cherries. The color of the plate will, as is tradition in conveyor belt restaurants, indicate the price.

In addition to the cheese conveyor belt, you can also partake in charcuterie tasting flights and hot meals like the traditional grilled cheese sandwich. Usually, ordering a grilled cheese sandwich at a restaurant comes with pretty low expectations, but this place will probably hold the classic staple to a higher standard.

After your entrees, you can satisfy your sweet tooth with cheese-flavored soft-serve ice cream that you’ll be able to wash down with natural, organic wine.

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