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London’s Newest Skyscraper Will Have a Climbing Window

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by Eben Diskin Jun 11, 2018

If you’ve ever wanted the thrill of climbing a skyscraper without the risk of falling twenty stories into traffic, you might want to visit this new London skyscraper. Twentytwo (located on at 22 Bishopsgate) is slated to be the newest addition to London’s skyline, towering over both the Gherkin and Leadenhall buildings. It will contain a workspace for up to 12,000 people, as well as a massive climbing window installed on the inner face of the building. In what might be the ultimate distraction from work, employees can spend their lunch breaks on a climbing wall with the best city views around.

The building won’t just be a corporate space. It will offer a fresh food market, a wellbeing retreat and spa, London’s highest, free, public viewing gallery, and an art walk. The building’s unique design was inspired by how cultural, demographic, and technological advances are changing the way people live and work. PLP Architecture, designers of the building, imagined the ideal work environment and strove to make that vision a reality. Specifically, Twentytwo is designed to increase productivity, wellness, and engagement.

But eager climbers still have a bit of a wait before they can try out London’s newest attraction, as Twentytwo isn’t set to be finished until 2019.

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