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Lufthansa Offers COVID-19 Tests to Travelers Who Want to Avoid Quarantine

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by Eben Diskin Jul 1, 2020

Starting on July 29, 2020, Lufthansa will offer rapid COVID-19 tests to inbound and outbound travelers on its flights at the Frankfurt and Munich airports.

In Frankfurt, the test takes place at a special facility in the airport and results are available via an app from six to eight hours for a regular test and three hours for an express test. Travelers will have to pay for the tests, and costs are 59 euros ($66.50) for a regular test and 139 euros ($156.50) for an express one. The PCR tests are done with a throat swab and conducted by Centogene. No appointment is needed, but travelers must register in advance on Centogene’s website.

In Munich, the PCR throat swab test is free and conducted by Medicare at the airport’s medical center. Travelers must register by calling +49 89 975-63399 to take a test. Results are available within four hours.

The tests are meant for travelers who come from high-risk countries into Germany to avoid a 14-day quarantine should they test negative, but any traveler can undergo a test. Outbound travelers must take the test the day before departure, while inbound travelers can take it upon arrival. Outbound travelers or those on a layover will have their test results linked to their plane tickets for authorities at their destinations to be able to see.

Currently, only residents of EU member countries as well as those from 18 approved non-EU countries are allowed entry into Germany.

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