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Watch: What a $6,000-Plus Trip to Maldives During Rainy Season Looks Like

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by Olivia Harden May 25, 2022

When you imagine a Maldives vacation, a few things likely come to mind: visions of travel influencers enjoying clear turquoise water, lounging on the decks of overwater bungalows, and taking in the sun’s rays, for example. However, go at the wrong time of year, and you may not be so lucky. Travel influencer Yulia Yrva documented an unfortunate circumstance where she was rained out during her Maldives trip.

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Plenty of people in the comments blamed Yrva for mother nature’s decisions, saying she should’ve checked to see when the rainy season began before booking her $6,000-plus vacation (before factoring in the flights, as she noted in the comments). She spent six days on the island and only got two days with quality weather.

So when is the rainy season in Maldives?

The truth is when you travel to islands, you always run the risk of a tropical storm. Yrva mentioned this wasn’t her first trip, and she had stayed in Maldives with rain before but typically only getting rain for a day or two. The rainy season is typically between May and October, but Yrva mistakingly thought it started in June. And although it was probably still nice and warm outside, hopping in the ocean during those strong winds can be dangerous.

Booking outside of peak season is a great way to get your Maldives vacation on a budget, but it can be risky. You might end up like me, who traveled in mid-June and only had one day of imperfect weather — or you might end up like Yrva.

Still, you’ve got to admit, being rained out in paradise is still better than being stuck at work.

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