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Maldives' Soneva Jani Resort: How to Experience Paradise

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by Ashley Welton Jan 26, 2018

These overwater villas are the epitome of luxury and relaxation. The Soneva Jani resort, the newest addition to the Soneva family of resorts, is in the Noonu Atoll in the Maldives. This particular atoll is comprised of five islands with Medhufaru being the largest (still only about 150 acres). The Medhufaru lagoon surrounds this spit of twenty-four villas, but the resort doesn’t stop at your doorstep.

The central location, called the Gathering, is a two-story open-air structure on the main island of Medhufaru. It houses all the amenities, like restaurants, bar, spa, 24-hour gym, coffee shop, library, and the ice cream, cheese, and chocolate rooms (what a dream!), overwater cinema, and wired and wireless internet.

Each villa (that’s a modest term, they’re positively palatial), has its own full-size private pool and easy access to the private lagoon (especially if you opt for the waterslide). There really is no bad option.

The resort also offers the only overwater observatory in the Maldives and keeps an astronomer in residence to give guests a guided tour of our night sky. If you’d like a private tour of the galaxy, they can arrange for you and the astronomer to journey to a local beach further away from the lights of the resort.

Soneva Jani is not just a honeymooners’ dream, but it’s wonderful for families as well. They have lots of activities for kids. And as if that wasn’t enough, at the end of a salt-soaked and sunbaked day, chill out at the overwater silent cinema (don’t worry, you get Bluetooth headphones for listening) which leaves the surrounding nesting wildlife at peace. Pass the popcorn and prosecco, please.

How to get there

The resort is accessible by seaplane, speedboat, or leisurely cruise.

The flight is the shortest at 40 minutes and can be boarded from Male International Airport. You’ll be greeted by Soneva’s representative and escorted to their private plane.

The speedboat takes about an hour and departs from Soneva Fushi, a sister resort on the Baa Atoll.

The half day cruise aboard Soneva in Aqua takes just that, a half day, and also departs from Soneva Fushi.

What to consider

  • Definitely opt for a room with a waterslide (or add one on), it’s totally worth the cost.
  • Wear slide proof swim attire (or be prepared to make adjustments).
  • Villas range from 3,315 sq ft – 13,401 sq ft.
  • If you’re in the market for property, you can purchase one of the villas.
  • As much produce as possible is grown on site.
  • Room rates start at $3300/night for a double occupancy.

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