Mapped: Canada's Stereotypes by Province

Canada Maps + Infographics
by Marie-Louise Monnier May 19, 2017

BEFORE VISITING Canada for the first time almost 10 years ago, my few ideas about this country were as follow: Canadians all speak French and English perfectly, it’s snowy and cold, and there’s delicious maple syrup to be had. All I knew were clichés and they sounded very funny, if not completely wrong and reductive, to my Canadian partner.

After spending some time in Canada, I’ve learnt that there’s much more to this amazing place than my initial stereotypical thoughts, but maps such as the one below created by MACLEANS still get a good laugh out of me.

Check out Canada’s most common stereotypes province by province and tell us which ones you think are the most on point and which ones are dead wrong.

Canadian stereotypes


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