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A Maryland Restaurant Is Using Inflatable Tables to Ensure Social Distancing

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by Eben Diskin May 21, 2020

As restaurants around the country reopen, they’re being forced to get creative to meet the mandatory social distancing guidelines. Maryland establishment Fish Tales is introducing “bumper tables” to help customers maintain social distancing. These personal tables have wheels and are surrounded by inflatable inner tubes, so people can move around and set their food and drinks down on a solid surface without getting too close to anyone else. It’s not quite as ridiculous as asking customers to wear pool noodles on their heads, as one German restaurant did, but it’s certainly a hilarious sight.

The restaurant will use these inflatable tables for customers that are waiting for actual tables or would normally sit at the bar.

Owners Shawn and Donna Herman told CNN, “I mean, it’s a novelty, it’s cool. It’s a great photo opportunity for them. If you put the two tables together, you can’t get within six feet of each other — and it’s fun.”

Since outdoor dining still isn’t allowed in Maryland, the Hermans haven’t debuted these inventive tables for the general public just yet. They’re hoping to open up their outdoor seating, and unveil their inflatable tables, in time for Memorial Day.

The tables are manufactured by Revolution Event Design and Production, which hopes to sell them to other restaurants in the near future.

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