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The Most Amazing Lunch Spots in Mexico City

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by Odette Herrera Jul 13, 2017

Mexico City has become a worldwide gastronomic hotspot — including its lunch scene. All of the restaurants recommended here have high-quality food, a great atmosphere, good drinks, and provide an extraordinary overall experience.

1. Huset

Photo: Huset

Renowned Venezuelan chef Maycoll Calderón opened this beautiful restaurant set in a garden with wooden tables, vegetation everywhere and a country-like ambiance that make you want to linger for after-lunch drinks. Huset’s slogan is “cocina de campo” (country cuisine) and that’s exactly how you will feel here — out of the city and not in the middle of the bustling Roma neighborhood. Simple seasonal food, cooked in wood-fired ovens is offered here.

Colima 256. Roma.

Tuesday and Wednesday: 2pm-12am
Thursday and Friday: 2pm-2am
Saturday: 10am-2am
Sunday: 10am-6pm

2. Rokai

Photo: Rokai

Rokai rapidly became one of the best Japanese restaurants in Mexico City. It functions under the omakase concept, in which the chef determines your meal. The menu changes every day because it depends on the catch of the day —everything served here is raw and fresh. If you are not a fan of raw cuisine, you can go to Rokai Ramen, its next-door brother restaurant dedicated to hot dishes.

Río Ebro 87. Cuauhtémoc.
Monday to Saturday: 1pm-4.30pm / 7pm-10.30pm
Sunday: 1pm-5.30pm

3. Azul Histórico

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Located in a beautiful inside patio of a former palace, this restaurant serves traditional Mexican food with folkloric influences. Chef and owner Ricardo Muñoz Zurita is well-known for his hard work in preserving Mexican culinary traditions. While visiting , check out the mural “The Holocaust” from Manuel Rodríguez Lozano located in the staircase. Also, if you’re into shopping, take a look at the area of “The Shops” on the second floor, where you’ll find boutique and artisanal stores.

Isabel La Católica 30. Centro. (Inside Downtown México Hotel)
Everyday: 9am-12pm / 1pm-11.30pm

4. Jengibre

 JengibreCiudad de México, MexicoThis is my favorite spot to grab a bite and a glass of wine in Nápoles neighborhood. Small, cozy and delicious! My favorites: bocata Riomaggiore and Poblanos de la casa.

This small and cozy spot in Nápoles neighborhood —near the World Trade Center— is a real gem. It specializes in gourmet products, so all the ingredients of its menu are of the highest quality. Jengibre’s specialty is “bocatas” (a kind of gourmet sandwich), but their menu also includes salads, snacks, cheese and deli platters, and breakfasts to die for. The chef is always creating new dishes available for a limited time. This spot is ideal for a casual lunch or for leisurely early dinner with your someone special. Jengibre is also a gastronomic store where you can buy gourmet products such as wine (their selection is exclusive, with labels from independent and small producers), cheese, deli meats, local spices and salsas, vegetable oils, and more.

Nueva York 264-C. Nápoles.
Monday to Thursday: 9am-9pm
Friday: 9am-11.30pm
Saturday: 9am-9pm

5. Sonora Grill

This is a chain restaurant but worth it. It’s a Mexican steakhouse with good food and drinks, and a cool, bar-like vibe, perfect for starting your night-on-the-town. You can find Sonora Grills all over the city —the ones called “Sonora Grill Prime” offer a more stylish atmosphere and higher quality meat.

Locations Sonora Grill / Locations Sonora Grill Prime

6. Ivoire

Photo: Ivoire

Polanco has lots of great restaurants for lunch —one of my favorites is Ivoire, with its modern French cuisine, chic vibe and appealing location in front of Lincoln Park. If you’re not that much into European food, the menu also includes savory Mexican dishes. It’s also a good spot for after office drinks.

Emilio Castelar 95. Polanco.
Everyday: 8am-2am

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