Matador Originals Presents: The Body Painter

Art + Architecture
by Matador Creators Apr 11, 2018

Marian Folga is a Polish painter and choreographer whose medium — the human body — allows him to express emotion in the most alive and dynamic way. But when it comes to talking about his art, however, he’s a person of few words. In fact, he refuses to attach any specific meaning to what he paints.

Although body painting is still on the fringes of the mainstream art scene in Europe, Marian’s unmistakable style has made him very well known in his native Poland. His work has been featured in some iconic commercials such as this example below.

Matador filmmaker Piotr Wancerz followed Marian’s artistic process in the days leading up to the Bodypainting championships in Bratislava, Slovakia. He noted, “As soon as he starts painting he just switches into a different world.”

Pitor also captured a performance from Marian’s stunning dance production DYEMOTION.

Please enjoy this visual journey into one of the most unique artists working today.

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