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Mountain Goats Are Taking Over This Welsh Town During Lockdown

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by Eben Diskin Apr 1, 2020

A nationwide lockdown has kept the residents of Wales indoors, but it’s done no such thing for the nearby mountain goats. Sensing a golden opportunity, Kashmiri goats from the Great Orme headland have descended upon Llandudno, a nearby seaside town in Wales, in a not-so-hostile takeover. Residents stuck indoors now at least have an amusing spectacle to witness from their windows, as the goats meander around town and make themselves at home.

Resident and video and web producer at Manchester Evening News, Andrew Stuart, spotted them running around last Friday evening. According to him, they were back every day since then, munching on hedges and grass.

Some residents even emerged from their homes to take pictures, videos, and check out the goats from afar. The attention from locals didn’t seem to frighten the goats, however.

Town councillor Carol Marubbi told the BBC that she believes that the goats left their mountain home for the quiet streets due to the town’s relatively empty nature. “They are curious, goats are,” she said, “and I think they are wondering what’s going on like everybody else.”

They might not be staying six feet apart, but in the case of these curious goats, we can probably make an exception.

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