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This Company Will Give You $3,000 to Explore a Top Beer City

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by Jori Ayers Aug 20, 2021

As the summer season is slowly but surely coming to an end, many people are getting ready for fall celebrations like Oktoberfest. However, travel restrictions are still in place in parts of the world, and many of the most famous Oktoberfests are again canceled this year. But one company is helping someone make their own perfect fall beercation by giving them $2,000 in bar tab money and $1,000 in travel expenses. is seeking a “Chief Beer Baron” and footing the bill for someone to drink beer in one of America’s beer capitals to celebrate Oktoberfest.

As a Chief Beer Baron, you’ll get to choose one city from’s Best Cities for Beer Lover’s Report to visit and hit up as many breweries and beer bars as you responsibly can. The 10 cities to choose from are:

1. Portland, OR
2. Denver, CO
3. Cincinnati, OH
4. Richmond, VA
5. Spokane, WA
6. Seattle, WA
7. Tacoma, WA
8. Saint Louis, MO
9. Minneapolis, MN
10. Pittsburgh, PA

If you’re selected, you’ll receive $1,000 for your travel accommodations, $2,000 for all your hard work and dedication to your title, and $500 in moving expenses if you feel the vibe is right and want to move to that city (though it’s important to note that you don’t have to move). After you visit your chosen city, you’ll fill out a questionnaire to review the city’s beer scene based on its culture, beverages, and food.

Applications are open until September 10, and will choose an applicant for their Chief Beer Baron on September 15.

To apply, you must be 21 and over and eligible to work in the US, a beer enthusiast, and be ready to take your taste buds to the next level. If this sounds like the dream job for you and you want more information and to apply, you can visit the website.

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