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Natty Light Is Giving Away a 10-Night ‘American EuroTrip’ to Five US Towns Named After European Destinations

by Nickolaus Hines Jun 25, 2024

There’s no denying the joys of a European vacation. There’s also no denying that the cost can be eye-opening or even put an indefinite hold on any planning — even when traveling to Europe on a budget and booking your international flight at the cheapest time. The beer brand Natural Light is hosting a promotion that puts a twist on going to Europe with a tongue-in-cheek, expenses-paid, 10-night “American EuroTrip” to five cities in the United States that “share the same name and cultural charms of some of the top European vacation destinations.”

“Vacationing to Europe’s top destinations will set you back thousands of your hard-earned US dollars, guaranteed,” the contest announcement states. “With those high costs, it better be the trip of a lifetime—but a summer in Europe where you can’t buy an ice-cold Natural Light…why even go?”

Natty Light was my go-to beer in college in Auburn, Alabama. It’s safe to say that international travel was far from what I was thinking about when cracking open a can on hot summer days. Odes to Natural Light don’t pop up as frequently as love letters to cherished craft beer brands, but when they do, they’re about as Americana as they come. It’s only fitting that the brand is centering travel across the United States.

The trip takes the idea of “travel dupes,” meaning anywhere that delivers a similar experience as a popular destination, to a new level.

Where Natural Light’s American EuroTrip goes:

  • Paris, Texas
  • Dublin, Ohio
  • Venice, Florida
  • Athens, Georgia
  • Holland, Michigan

As with all travel dupes, you can’t expect to land in a place with the same name and expect the same experience. Still, these are some towns and cities that are more than worth visiting in their own right. What Dublin, Ohio, lacks in the number of centuries-old pubs and Irish folk music, it makes up for with summer food markets and gorgeous walking paths. Athens, Georgia, doesn’t have the Acropolis, but it is a music center and fun college town where bands like R.E.M. got their start. The Eiffel Tower is in Paris, but the only Eiffel Tower replica with a cowboy had on top is in Paris, Texas. Holland, Michigan, does really have an abundance of windmills.

To throw your hat in the ring to be the lucky person to go on the trip (with a guest), follow Natural Light on Instagram, X, or Facebook and comment #NattyEuroTrip and #sweepstakes on the entry post. Entrants must be 21 or older, and the contest ends at 11:59 PM ET on July 4.

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