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This New Airstream Travel Trailer Was Designed for Digital Nomads

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by Eben Diskin Feb 16, 2021

Traveling as a digital nomad doesn’t have to mean shelling out money for an expensive coworking space, or jetting between Starbucks on a road trip for the free Wi-Fi. You can take your work on the road, as well as your desk, with this new 30-foot Airstream travel trailer featuring a built-in office space designed for remote workers.

Airstream travel trailer with office

Photo: Airstream

In a press release, Airstream President and CEO Bob Wheeler, said, “The pandemic has permanently changed the traditional work landscape and we’re thrilled to offer a travel trailer that meets the needs of our times without compromise. Airstream has always provided the freedom of a mobile living, playing, and working space, but the Flying Cloud 30FB Office takes that promise to the next level with flexibility and comfort in a design inspired by real-world experience.”

Airstream floor plan travel trailer with office

Photo: Airstream

The 2021 Airstream Flying Cloud 30FB Office includes a dedicated work space in the back of the vehicle, with a desk, power outlets, USB and HDMI ports, and a comfortable office chair to turn the space into a bedroom or just a relaxing area of the trailer. There are also blackout curtains on the three large windows of the office and a privacy divider. There’s enough storage for all the documents and tools a remote worker needs to have with them on the road with sliding drawers and cubbies. According to Traveling Lifestyle, there’s also 4G internet service provided by AT&T available via Airstream Connected, and buyers can fit an optional roof-mounted antenna that boosts Wi-Fi signals from nearby.


Photo: Airstream

According to Airstream, the addition of the office space does not take away from the great features of the traditional travel trailer. It also includes a queen bed in the front and convertible dinette, allowing for six travelers to sleep.

Unsurprisingly, the travel trailer with an office doesn’t come cheap, costing $107,500.

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