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New Bullet Train Could Take You From Portland to Vancouver in Under Two Hours

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by Eben Diskin Oct 16, 2018

If you’re in a hurry to flee the country, or maybe just visit Canada’s beautiful British Columbia region, this new bullet train will make the journey quicker than ever. Right now, a train ride from Portland, Oregon to Vancouver, BC takes about seven and a half hours. This new ultra-high-speed train would do it in under two hours. Transit officials in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia are in the process of examining the feasibility of a train that would travel at over 250 miles per hour, taking just one hour from Portland to Seattle, and one hour from Seattle to Vancouver. If built according to projections, it would certainly revolutionize travel along one of the West Coast’s most scenic routes.

The ultra-high-speed train is an effort to decrease traffic and congestion in the Cascadia region. Different concepts for the train will be discussed at October’s Cascadia Innovation Corridor Conference, with an in-depth study on how each system would work. There are currently three high-speed transportation options being considered, including magnetic levitation and hyperloop technology.

Currently, the Cascades is served primarily by Amtrak Cascades trains, which run through 18 cities across Canada, Washington, and Oregon, at 79 miles per hour. While the new ultra-high-speed train would present a far more efficient alternative, they won’t be arriving anytime soon. Officials hope to launch the new ultra-high-speed trains by 2035.

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