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New York City Is Getting a Nutella Cafe and We Can’t Even

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by Eben Diskin Jun 19, 2018

You did not need another excuse to eat Nutella, but you’ve got one. A Nutella cafe is set to open this year in New York City. Created in post-WWII Italy as an affordable alternative to chocolate, Nutella is now popular worldwide, even inspiring riots in France. Nutella’s parent company, Ferrero International S.A., is capitalizing on the fervor by opening a Nutella Cafe in New York City’s Lower East Side. While the city has had its share of Nutella-themed pop-up experiences, this will be its first full-fledged cafe, and the second in the world (the first being in Chicago).

New York residents can expect a similar experience to Chicago’s Nutella Cafe — a sleek, modern space that features crepes, waffled, steel-cut oats, a gelato mix, and even a nutella espresso. Non-Nutella snacks, including bacon, egg, and cheese crepes, as well as seasonal salads, will also be available.

While specifics relating to the cafe’s interior at 116 University Place have not yet been released, renderings for the cafe have been released showing outdoor seating, as well as a white, red, and brown Nutella jar-themed interior. In a press release, the cafe’s vice president of operations Rick Fossali said “as a multicultural epicenter, New York gives us the opportunity to offer new ways for our local fans to enjoy Nutella while reaching millions of tourists visiting the city.”

While the restaurant industry is never a sure thing, gambling on Nutella is probably a bet worth taking.

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