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New Zealand Penguin Found 1,500 Miles From Home Was Released Back Into the Wild

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by Eben Diskin Sep 19, 2019

We know penguins are good swimmers, but this one was in exceptionally good shape. This Fiordland penguin from New Zealand was found washed up on a beach in Victoria, Australia, over 1500 miles away from home.

The Fiordland penguin was discovered emaciated and struggling against rocks at Kennett River, 105 miles west of Melbourne, reported The Guardian. The animal was brought to Melbourne Zoo, and given fluids, nutrients, and later on, food to help it recuperate after its long swim across the Tasman Sea.

Dr. Michael Lynch, the zoo’s head of veterinary services, said, “Once it got going it really stacked on the weight, a huge appetite. It was eating 20-25% of its own bodyweight per day.”

The zoo then sent the penguin to Phillip Island Nature Parks to rehabilitate its swimming muscles, and after eight weeks, it was released this month.

According to Lynch, “We are hoping that it will get back to New Zealand and breed. We put a microchip into the bird so if it does turn up back in New Zealand one day and someone reads that microchip we will be very happy.”

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