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New Survey Aims to Prove the Massive Spending Power of Travelers of Color

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by Eben Diskin Sep 11, 2020

Travel lifestyle brand NOMADNESS Travel Tribe has launched a survey for travelers of color to help get their voices heard on a huge scale. The NOMADNESS Diversity in Travel Consensus seeks to compile input from diverse travelers across the diaspora to influence the industry and prove their spending power through hard data.

The survey is designed to assess booking trends, influencing factors, and spending behaviors of travelers of color, and provide insights into the impact of COVID-19 on trip planning, preferred activities, and which destinations travelers want to explore. Through the survey, NOMADNESS hopes to continue its mission of educating sponsors, creating meaningful ways to support community members, and inform decision-making — so that there are literally zero excuses for brands to not deliver on diverse representation.

Evita Robinson, founder of NOMADNESS Travel Tribe, said in a press release, “By conducting the survey, we are able to create a story through numbers. It is extremely important that we take the initiative here to make sure that we are represented accurately and effectively. What better way than to lean into our community and start in-house? We want to thank everyone who takes the time to fill out this survey which is going to inform the travel industry as a whole.”

Despite powerful statistics — like the fact that Black Americans spent $63 billion dollars on travel in 2018 — meaningful change in the Black travel community has been hampered by a lack of research on an international scale. This has led to the travel industry as a whole underestimating — and underrepresenting — Black travelers. This survey aims to correct this.

Travelers of color are encouraged to take the survey here by September 16. The results of the survey will be revealed at a digital industry event on December 10, which you can sign up for here. NOMADNESS is also hosting its third edition of Audacity Digi, a virtual festival for travelers of color, on October 24. You can register for tickets here.

Editor’s note: Matador Network is a proud sponsor of Audacity Festival.

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