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You Can Fly From NYC to Athens for $200 This Fall on This New Budget Airline Route

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by Katie Scott Aiton Jun 5, 2024

This summer, travelers from the US will be able to reach Greece, easily and for a decent price on a new nonstop flight from New York to Athens with Norse Atlantic Airways. The airline’s inaugural route provides a convenient, budget-friendly, and direct connection between major cities.

Flights will operate up to five times a week from JFK throughout the summer season on Norse Atlantic’s modern Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft.

Norse Atlantic is known for its low-cost, long-haul flights. It offers a range of fares, including Light, Classic, and Flextra, the latter of which includes a generous baggage allowance, full meal service, and ticket flexibility. Passengers can also choose between two cabin options: standard economy and Norse Premium, which offers increased legroom and a more spacious seating experience.

The introduction of this route is excellent news for both JFK and Athens Airport and passengers looking for an affordable way to vacation in Europe.

Speaking on behalf of Athens International Airport, Ioanna Papadopoulou, director of communications and marketing, says, “We are thrilled with the launch of this new direct service connecting AIA and JFK, and we extend our warmest welcome to Norse Atlantic Airways, an exciting new member of the Athens International Airport family.”

Opting for a budget-friendly fare with Norse Atlantic will free up spending money, and the direct flight to Athens is ideal for exploring the rest of Greece. The country’s excellent ferry system and domestic flights connect the city to countless islands, including the stunning beaches of Santorini and the medieval streets of Rhodes.

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