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A Cruise Ship Ran Aground in the Caribbean and Passengers Are Tweeting Live Updates

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by Nickolaus Hines Mar 17, 2022

Cruise ship names can be full of whimsy and appeal to the impulse to break out from the day to day. Often it matches the experience. Occasionally it becomes a point of irony, like with the Norwegian Escape, which left Orlando on March 12 and ran aground on the seabed at its first stop in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.

The 164,000-ton ship was built in 2015 and can hold more than 4,000 passengers, according to CNN. It was no match for the shallows, however. No one was injured, though the ship sustained minor damage to the hull. And through it all, people onboard with Twitter accounts have been doing what those with Twitter accounts do: tweet through it.

As a Twitter user who goes by The Disney Dude so eloquently put on Twitter: “Well, we seem to have run aground #Norwegian #NorwegianEscape”.

Wind caused the issues, CNN reports, and tugboats refloated the ship and returned it to port at high tide to be inspected.

A letter posted on Twitter with a stamp from the captain of the ship noted that those who booked flights through Norwegian Cruise Line will have things taken care of while guests who booked independently will be transported to Orlando via charter flights and then be bussed to Port Canaveral to get their cars.

Getting reimbursed in the latter case could end up being a pain, though.

“Please contact your travel insurance provider for reimbursement options,” the captain’s letter reads. “We have made internet and phone access available to you on board, so that you may make any necessary arrangements.”

As noted in another tweet, there are people who seem to be doing what cruise ships are made for even days after being grounded: going to the bars and restaurants. The Disney Dude even went so far as to describe his time at the bar on Wednesday as a “great time in here tonight.”

Others are coping with some dark humor.

It hasn’t been all tropical drinks and jokes for everyone, though. One person tweeted that they were trapped at the airport all day without updates.

Another person added that there was “hours of chaos” only to be asked to be split from their husband on the return flight to Florida. Even The Disney Dude with his unbreakable spirit started to show little signs of longing to leave after the first round of people left the ship.

Hopefully everyone gets off safely and in a timely fashion (and continues to tweet through it with that onboard internet Norwegian made sure to point out they’re still providing, as if turning it off was a serious consideration). At least the passengers can rest assured that their next cruise will be fully comped.

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