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This London Neighborhood Is Sick of Being an Insta Backdrop

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by Eben Diskin Jul 10, 2019

Living in a picturesque neighborhood is nice, until it becomes the backdrop for thousands of strangers’ photos who think pretty streets are nothing but sets for their Instas.

The inhabitants of the colorful Rue Crémieux in Paris have already made it clear that Instagrammers are making their lives a living hell, and it’s now the turn of the residents of Notting Hill, in west London, to voice their anger.

They are now asking people to stop taking pictures in front of their homes; no matter how much the raspberry, pistachio, and lemon paint on the facade matches their Yeezys. The Notting Hill hashtag on Instagram has over 1.2 million posts, many of which are selfies taken in front of homes, or people otherwise intruding on the neighborhood.

On the increasing number of Instagram photoshoots, resident Daphne Lamirel said to the Evening Standard, “At first it was sweet but it’s just getting crazier. The walls are quite thin and you can hear them laughing and directing photos from our living room. On weekends there will be at least four groups taking pictures at the same time.”

Olivia Lamb, another resident, said, “They’ll just set themselves up for hours on your doorstep with a range of outfits. They’ll make no effort to move when people come in and out of their houses. I’ve come across our doorstep on instagram many times.”

Of course, not all influencers demonstrate disrespectful behavior, and it’s no crime to simply take a photo of a nice neighborhood; however, if you’re planning to visit Notting Hill as an influencer or otherwise, be mindful that it’s a real neighborhood with people living their lives.

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