Photo: Tate Modern

A Surreal Exhibit With a Fog Room and Rainbows Is Coming To the Tate Modern

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Photo: Tate Modern
Eben Diskin
Jul 10, 2019

Art enthusiasts may remember Olafur Eliasson from his popular “The Weather Project” back in 2003, which combined yellow lamps, mirrors, and mist to create the illusion of a sun hanging over the museum hall. Now, Eliasson is coming back to the Tate Modern in London with his most impressive display yet. His career retrospective, called “Olafur Eliasson: In Real Life,” will be a combination of the artist’s older and more recent works, spanning his entire career.

Among the exhibits you will find “Moss Wall,” a nearly 200-foot-wide curtain of reindeer moss; “Beauty,” an illuminated mist that looks like a surreal indoor rainbow; and “Your spiral view,” a kaleidoscopic tunnel you can walk through. One of Eliasson’s newest works, however, which will also be on display, is called “Din blinde passager” (Your blind passenger). This piece consists of a room dense with fog, which slowly turns deep shades of yellow and purple to create a disorienting effect.

Don’t be surprised if themes of environmentalism keep cropping up in the exhibition as that has been near to Eliasson’s heart throughout the entirety of his career.

The exhibition runs from July 11, 2019, to January 5, 2020, with tickets costing $22 per adult (museum members are free).

H/T: Secret London

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