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Now You Can Order Food From Instagram Straight to Your Couch

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by Eben Diskin May 23, 2018

How many times have you scrolled through your Instagram feed, seen a picture of a delicious dish, and felt your stomach rumble? Well, now you can actually do something about it. Instagram’s new foodie feature allows you to purchase food directly from Instagram, and have it delivered the same way you would normally order takeout.

We all know that double-tapping a mouth-watering food picture won’t curb your appetite, but now you’ll find an “action button” on certain businesses’ profile pages, which will allow users to place food orders, or even book restaurant tables, without ever leaving Instagram.

Instagram is partnering with third-party reservation and delivery companies like OpenTable, ChowNow, and Yelp Reservations, to really help streamline the process, and make it easier than ever to meet the needs of their hungry social media users. Some businesses affiliated with the service might also have action buttons on Facebook, so you won’t just be limited to Instagram when it comes to satisfying your appetite.

Instagram really stepped up its business partnerships recently when it launched specialized profiles for companies. More than 200 million daily active users visit a business profile on Instagram each day, and as of last December there were 25 million businesses with profiles.

Instagram has always been a popular space for foodies, but now it looks like even more people will be ditching their takeout menus for that particularly photogenic meal, or late-night snack.

Businesses looking to add action buttons to their profiles can learn how to do so here.

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