When it comes to ghost haunts, Orlando, Florida, is no stranger to the subject. Historical downtown Orlando is one of the city’s popular hotspots for paranormal activity and many Orlando ghost tours, and local ghost touring company American Ghost Adventures shows guests just that. American Ghost Adventures doesn’t just tour haunted attractions; they show their guests it’s more to it than what you see in Hollywood media.

The company not only teaches and educates guests about the paranormal world, but the tours also give insight into Orlando’s history and background and how it hasn’t always been the “happiest place on earth.” The Orlando ghost tours that they conduct give guests a different perspective of how the city is today from back then.

American Ghost Adventures gives guests spine-chilling but enticing and educational Orlando ghost tours along with some Orlando history. The company spoke with Matador about its ghostly hauntings and how its ghost tours respect the paranormal community and educate those about it.

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We hope you love the Orlando Ghost Tours we recommend! Just so you know, Matador may collect a small commission from the links on this page if you decide to book a stay. Listed prices are accurate as of the time of publication.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Matador: How are these tours educating guests the correct way about the paranormal world?

American Ghost Adventures: We tell our guests that we don’t taunt our spirits. They speak to us when they’re ready to or want to. We are visiting friends, and respect will be needed. Spirits were once people also, so they do have feelings. Relaying the proper history does matter!

How did this ghost tour experience come about?

I’ve always had experiences and was frightened by them. There was a company in town, and they did investigations. I attended one and realized others had experienced the same things, and I wasn’t alone. I was able to invest in the company and became part owner. As the years went by, we had different visionaries for the company, and I created American Ghost Adventures in 2010.

What is your most popular ghost tour?

The most popular tour for us is the 2 -hour downtown Orlando tour. This tour gives guests the best sample of everything—history, firsthand ghost stories, and a mini-investigation while on tour. Guests get to visit multiple buildings and use multiple different ghost detecting equipment.

Do you use any type of instruments/equipment on the tours?

We are the only ghost tour in town that takes you INSIDE buildings and uses equipment. We have flashlights, dowsing rods, and K2 meters for use during our 2-hour tour. For our 4 hour ultimate tours, we have more equipment that we use because it’s a more extended tour.

What are your rules for your ghost tours?

The number one rule is to RESPECT the living and the dead. Safety is huge because we are NOT recruiting for our ghost position. Come with an open mind and be prepared to have fun!

Are there certain things that guests are not supposed to do on ghost tours?

Yes, don’t come on a ghost tour expecting to see a ghost! It’s called a ghost tour because we talk about history’s past. Don’t go on a ghost tour expecting to be scared! We are NOT a haunted house with pre-paid actors to jump out at you.

What is the craziest thing that has happened on a ghost tour?

When we make contact with someone from the other side that is related to someone on our tour, it’s emotional and satisfying at the same time. We get to relay the message and bring closure for some people.

Is there a particular tour/place that gets the most energy when touring?

Most of the locations we go to are because we’ve had amazing activity or interaction there. They are all hot spots and have their own crazy stories. Each guide has their favorite building and spirit that they have connected with.

Is there a crazy experience that the crew had while on tour?

There was an incident where we witnessed/heard a spirit call my name across a spirit box. I don’t have a common name, so we knew they called my name. It was quite frightening and surprising.

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