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Instagram Vs Reality: Photographer Shows How Crowded Famous Paris Sites Really Are

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by Olivia Harden May 6, 2022

Instagram and TikTok often offer picturesque views of amazing travel destinations that can be worth the visit. However, some travel influencers are posting the reality of getting those perfect shots, and everything is not what it seems. Including in Paris, one of the most iconic travel destinations around the world.

Photographer Henry Wu recently took a trip to the City of Lights with his girlfriend Zory, who is also a photographer and content creator. On Instagram, Wu revealed how hard it could be to get the perfect shot.

Pre-COVID-19, the Eiffel Tower attracted between five and eight million people per year, according to Statista. So if you’re planning on getting that fantastic Instagram shot, you better get there by sunrise. Otherwise, expect to spend a lot of time editing photos.

Another spot the couple hit up on their trip was the Jardin des Plantes, known for its amazing cherry blossom trees in the spring. But for the photo, the two had got there at sunrise before loads of families came.

If you’re interested in seeing the blooming Wisteria at the Grande Mosque de Paris and using it as a colorful background, you better get ready for another early wake-up call. Wu noticed that by 10:30 AM, there wouldn’t have been a shot to get. It’s also worth noting that certain types of photos at a mosque might be considered disrespectful or offensive. So it might be wise to skip the photoshoot and just enjoy the scenery.

So if you find yourself in Paris craving the perfect Instagram content, expect to get up early. If you’re not an early riser, it’s not such a bad idea to go enjoy the sites and take a couple of less than perfect photos. No pressure.

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