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Watch a Stowaway Pigeon Escape Capture and Fly United From Newark to Greece

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by Nickolaus Hines Aug 10, 2021

There are many things that can delay a plane. Some are to be expected, like the flight crew being delayed on another route. Others are less predictable — a passenger mistaking the emergency exit for the bathroom, for example. But on a recent flight from Newark, New Jersey, to Greece, the issue was a winged and feathered stowaway.

In a TikTok explaining a one-hour delay, United Airlines flight attendant Arina Bloom posted a video of the crew trying to chase down a pigeon. It starts near where the food is stored and prepared as the pigeon walks around bobbing its head. Then the video cuts to the pigeon walking down the aisle and into a row of seats with the words, “The moment we lost him.”

Admittedly, if a bird is going to be in or around a jet that’s about to take off, there are worse places it could be than the cabin. Still, if you’ve ever seen a city pigeon in close proximity to food, you understand why the birds wouldn’t be the best flight companion when the little pretzel packages come out.


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The flight crew did their best to find the pigeon. The TikTok shows people crawling into rows of seats and hitting the overhead storage bins. The doors were left open as well in the hope that “maybe he will fly away,” the text in the video states. They were ultimately unsuccessful.

“We lost him,” Bloom writes on the video. “We are flying to Greece with a bird. Didn’t find him upon arrival either.”

We can only hope the little bird escaped when no one was looking and is now living his best life eating souvlaki, gyros, and other delicious Greek street food in Athens.

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