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Here’s How Much It Actually Costs to Take a Weekend Trip to Portland, Oregon

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by Matador Creators Apr 21, 2022

This is Travel Spends, an occasional series where frequent travelers outline exactly how much a trip cost them and where that money went.

For privacy reasons, Travel Spends participants are given the option to remain anonymous. Matador Network vets the details and facts to the best of our ability, but rely on truthful user submissions. Monetary amounts are rounded estimates.

In this spotlight, we’re looking at a long weekend trip to the Pacific Northwest.

Where did you go? Portland, Oregon, as well as some surrounding beaches and wineries.
Who did you travel with? Two family members and my partner.
What is your occupation and household income? Freelance content creator, and my partner is a dentist. While both of our incomes vary year to year, we both bring home six figures and have a household income of around $380,000. My flexible schedule allows for easy travel, and my partner doesn’t work on Fridays.
Where did you stay? A three bedroom, one bathroom Airbnb in the Buckman Neighborhood for $150 per night.

Total cost on bars and dining out: $1,500
Total cost on tours: $0
Total cost on transportation for the group: $1,090 ($920 for flights, $60 for rental car, $50 for gas, $60 for parking)
Total cost on accommodations: $450

How we divide costs: There’s a pretty big income gap between all of us individually, but we decide to split everything evenly with the exception that the person who wasn’t drinking didn’t pay for the wine tastings or brewery stops.

Total cost of a trip to Portland, Oregon, for four people:


Day one

7 PM — We have a late flight out to Portland on Thursday, and decide to drive and pay for parking instead of Uber. Before takeoff, we have a light dinner at the airport. Only three of us are drinking on the trip. Each meal costs around $12 and the three people drinking have two drinks each at about $11 per drink. Total: $135

11:30 PM — We arrive late and head straight to the rental car pick up. One family member was able to get a free rental car due to how many points they’ve earned traveling for work, so we decide to upgrade to an Audi SUV and pay the extra. Total: $60

Day two

9 AM — We walk a gorgeous spring walk filled with flowering trees over to Hawthorne Asylum food truck park for breakfast. We all order from Smaaken Waffle Sandwiches, which average out to about $14 each after tip, and order a coffee or tea for $3 each. Total: $70

11 AM — We have an hour and a half to kill before a scheduled tour, so we head to Rogue Eastside Pub & Pilot Brewery just up the street to take advantage of the nice weather. The three of us who are drinking order two drinks each that average out to around $10 each after tip. Total: $60

1 PM — A complimentary distillery tour and tasting was set up for us beforehand, so no added costs for either other than a $20 tip left for the waitstaff. Total: $20

5:30 PM — Dinner at Eem. A friend told us that the place fills up fast, so we arrive super early to get a spot at the no reservation Thai restaurant right when it opens. Everything comes on share plates, so we split a handful of dishes including the Very Spicy Papaya Salad ($10), a large Sweet & Sour Fried Chicken ($14), Massaman Curry ($17), and Smoked Pork Krapao ($16). For drinks, I get two beers for $7 each, and one other person in the party gets a beer and the Drugs cocktail ($13). The other two people get a Thai tea for $5 each. We’re extremely full, but opt for dessert as well. Total: $140

7 PM — On the way back to the Airbnb, we stop at Cascade Brewing Barrel House. The person not drinking orders a craft ginger soda for $3.50. The rest of us get two beers each that average out to around $9 after tip. Total: $60

8:30 PM — I make a quick stop to the dispensary before we leave and buy edibles and a pre-roll and leave a couple extra dollars tip. Total: $15

8:45 PM — We decide to grab some snacks and beverages at the gas station last minute: Chips, Gatorades, a six-pack of craft beer, and two bottles of cheap wine. Total: $45

Day three

11 AM — We take a slow morning drive out to the coast and stop at Blue Heron in Tillamook for an early lunch. Two of us decide to do the wine tasting of the wines made on-site for about $15 each. We get two small cups of chowder and a bowl, as well as the cheese sampler and two Tilly Grilly sandwiches, from the Deli. Total: $50

2 PM — After driving the coast, exploring a few beaches, and taking a short hike through the trees to Short Sand Beach, we make a pit stop at the Winery at Manzanita to sit in the sun and sip a couple glasses of wine each. Total: $90

5 PM — We make one last stop at Tillamook Creamery for ice cream and get a scoop each for $5. We also pick up some souvenirs and dog toys to take back home. Total: $40

7:45 PM — A quick stop back at the Airbnb to freshen up, then we head to Jake’s Famous Crawfish for dinner. We start with the very good Dungeness crab and artichoke dip for $18 and end up ordering two bottles of Argyle Oregon Pinot Noir for about $50 each. Most of us order on the cheaper side of the pricey menu, like the salmon and mushroom saute for $27 and the Alaskan true cod for $35 and the steelhead for $35. One of us springs for the crab-stuffed halibut though for $52. Total: $340

9:30 PM — One last nightcap at Pink Rabbit before going back to the Airbnb. Total: $50

Day four

9 AM — We have a late afternoon flight, and decide on breakfast burritos, salmon benedicts, and Irish coffees at Jam on Hawthorne. Total: $105

11 AM — After the wine from Argyle the night before, we decide to visit the winery for a tasting. Three of us participate and love all of the sparkling wines and pinot noirs. We leave with three bottles of the Nuthouse pinot, which cancels out the tasting fee. Total: $165

1 PM — Our last stop before heading to the airport is Hyland Estates Winery. We get three tastings for $20 each. Total: $70

2:30 PM — The car used up about $50 worth of gas, and we filled it up before returning. Total: $50

3 PM — One last (unremarkable) airport meal at PDX. Total: $60

7 PM — Arrive back home and pay the parking fee at the airport. Total $60

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