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New York Is Looking for a Professional Leaf Peeper This Fall

New York News
by Eben Diskin Sep 2, 2020

Leaf peeping is the unofficial sport of autumn, and now you can actually play at the professional level. The New York State tourism bureau is looking for volunteers to join a team whose job is to find the best autumn colors around the state.

According to the job posting, “Each week, you’ll be required to submit a detailed report on your observations of the foliage in your area, estimating expected foliage conditions for the upcoming weekend…You’ll be asked to note the location of your reporting, the percentage of leaves you expect to be changed by the coming weekend, the expected colors visitors will see, the overall brilliance of the leaves, and the stage of the season (no change, just changing, near peak, peak, and past peak).”

Your leaf observations must be submitted on Mondays and Tuesdays, as the full foliage report is released each Wednesday during the leaf peeping season — from mid-September through mid-November.

The chosen leaf peeper will be featured on and potentially even have your photos featured on official social media accounts.

You can apply by filling out the online form and sharing some personal information, including why you’re interested in being a leaf peeper and which town or state park you plan to report from.

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