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Queen Elizabeth Has a Beer Now Made With Plants From Her Estate

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by Elisabeth Sherman May 7, 2021

It might be difficult to picture Queen Elizabeth II chugging back an frosty mug of beer, but turns out England’s monarch might be even more of a connoisseur than anyone imagined: People magazine reports that queen recently “approved the sale of a range of beer brewed from plants grown on her Sandringham estate in Norfolk.”

The beer won’t bear her name or her visage. Instead, it’s an ode to the 20,000 acre estate’s extensive garden and farmlands. Brewed locally at Barsham Brewery, in Norfolk, there will be two iterations of beer: a bitter and a golden IPA, represented by a picture of a hare and a pheasant, respectively.

The beer’s label reads, “Made in the UK for the Sandringham Estate.” The Sandringham Estate is a wildlife haven for Pheasants, Hares, Owls and many other species thrive in the wood and farmland habitats.”

The beer will be sold exclusively at the Sandringham estate gift shop for $5.50 for a 500ml bottle (unfortunately for folks who were hoping to sip on it stateside, you have to be there), alongside several other spirits that the British royal family has approved of over the years.

A distillery on the Sandrimgham estate already produces Celebration Gin (which can be purchased through the gift shop’s online store) but Sandringham doesn’t get to have all the fun: Buckingham Palace released its own queen-approved gin back in 2020, which is distilled using plants harvested from gardens on the palace grounds (which is also available to purchase online).

Why the focus on gin? Apparently it’s Queen’s Elizabeth II’s favorite spirit: Gossip abounds, stemming from her loose-lipped former palace chef Darren McGrady, that her favorite tipple is a Dubonnet (A wine based aperitif) and gin cocktail served in a glass filled with a ice and garnished with a slice of lemon.

McGrady revealed that she sips one of these cocktails before lunch, but rumors quickly spread that she drinks as many as four alcoholic beverages everyday: A glass of wine and a dry gin martini with lunch, and a glass of Champagne before bed. The stories spiraled so quickly that McGrady had to actually clarify his stories to CNN : The queen doesn’t in fact drink that much on a daily basis, because if she did, she’d be “pickled,” according to McGrady. But as the longest reigning monarch in the entire history of England, we think she has the right.

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