Photo: Royal Collection Trust/Facebook

You Can Now Drink a Royal Gin Made With Botanicals From Buckingham Palace

by Nickolaus Hines Jul 17, 2020

The primary resident of Buckingham Palace loves her gin. Now, Queen Elizabeth can opt for her very own house brand made with juniper and other botanicals, many of which are grown and sourced from the Buckingham Palace Gardens.

The gin uses 12 botanicals in all, including lemon, verbena, hawthorn berries, and mulberry leaves, according to the Royal Collection, which sells the brand. The distillers had plenty to choose from when surveying the grounds for possible hand-picked plants to include from the 16-hectare garden. For summer sipping, the Royal Collection suggests a straightforward gin and tonic over ice with a slice of lemon — though the Queen presumably takes hers in her classic lunchtime Dubonnet cocktail and evening dry martini.

All of the proceeds from gin sales go to the Royal Collection Trust, which takes care of all of the art and historical collections that have accumulated over the past 500 years of British royalty.

Guests to Buckingham Palace will get to sip the gin, and people in the United Kingdom can purchase it online or on site at Royal Collection shops — though the initial run sold out on the first day it was announced in mid-June.

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