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A Quentin Tarantino-Themed Bar Is Coming To Brooklyn

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Photo: Miramax Films
Eben Diskin
Jan 31, 2019

Brooklyn is no stranger to themed bars, and this Quentin Tarantino-themed bar is the latest to hit Williamsburg. KillBar will be decked out in all things Tarantino, including movie Easter eggs, artwork, an Inglourious Basterds-inspired bartop, six-foot tall painting of Uma Thurman from Kill Bill, and massive projector screens on the walls showing scenes from Tarantino films. Activities also include special movie nights on Mondays and trivia on Tuesdays.

KillBar in Brooklyn interior

Photo: KillBar/Facebook

According to the bar’s website, “Art installations are displayed throughout the venue to give each patron a completely unique and immersive experience, letting you step into your favorite QT films… come in and help us raise a glass to Quentin Tarantino’s unique and inspiring gift for storytelling.”

The bar’s offerings will also, of course, be on brand. You can eat a Kill Bill Burger, Hateful Eight wings, Texas Funeral Grilled Cheese, and drink Mr. Pink Martinis and mezcal shots inspired by From Dusk Till Dawn. Conceptually, the bar is the brainchild of owner Michael Galkovich who used to own the now-closed ‘80s themed GB85 bar on the Lower East Side.

Killbar is located at 82 South 4th Street in Williamsburg and opens to the public on February 1.

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