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Happening Now: Save Up to 30% on Outdoor Gear at the 2024 REI Anniversary Sale

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by Tim Wenger May 15, 2024

The 2024 REI Anniversary Sale runs from May 17 through May 27. You can save up to 30 percent on items including tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, clothing, and more. If you’re an REI Coop Member, you’ll get an even bigger discount as you’ll get one coupon for 20 percent off any item plus a second coupon for 20 percent off an REI Outlet item (they’re both tied to your account already).

These are the items we’re most excited about (or check out the full list of items on sale).

We hope you love the REI Anniversary Sale! Just so you know, Matador may collect a small commission from the links on this page if you decide to make a purchase. Listed prices are accurate as of the time of publication.


30 percent off: a tent that’s already half the price of its competition

rei trail hut tent

Photo: REI

REI Coop’s iconic tents are the best camping deals at this year’s REI Anniversary Sale. Also on sale are all Footprints and accessories for camping (the list is extensive). Prices range from sub-$200 to $500+ depending on size and model, and there’s never been a better time to grab a large-group tent like the Base Camp 6, which will be more than $150 off its normal $549 pricetag. this sale is to The brand’s smaller tents are compact and light enough to fit in a standard backpacking pack without adding much weight, but spacious enough for campers and gear (because no one likes to leave their pack outside in the rain). The two-person Trail Hut is durable and competent, without the flashiness or added features (read: added weight) of higher-end or sport-specific tents. It’s less than half the price of comparable tents from established outdoor brands.

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30 percent off: all REI Coop sleeping bags, pads, and accessories

rei sleeping bag

Photo courtesy REI

The Magma 15 sleeping bag will be under $400 likely for the only time this year, so if you plan to camp in spring or fall, grab one now. Sleeping pads in various sizes and shapes are under $150, and often much cheaper depending on which one you select. You can even grab the Campwell camping pillow for just over $20.

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30 percent off: REI Coop clothing and footwear — literally all of it

rei shorts

Photo courtesy REI

From rain jackets to hiking socks to trail pants, REI has included literally all of its clothes in this massive anniversary sale. There is, of course, the outdoorsy cliche of showing up at the trailhead looking like REI blew up all over you, but when high-quality, well-sourced clothing is so steeply discounted, you’re the one that should be laughing at those who missed out.

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30 percent off: portable outdoor furniture for comfortable camping

Photo: REI
Photo: REI
Photo: REI

Whether you’re car camping this summer or just need to spruce up your patio, REI Outward Furniture is the perfect addition, especially at 30 percent off. This is the best deal of the year on popular items like the Outward Classic Low Lawn Chair and the Outward Padded Bench. Toss in an Outward Side Table, and you effectively have an entire living room for the campsite.

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25 percent off: four-season down jackets and fleece

Photo: REI
Photo: REI

Summer evenings can be chilly if you’re camping at high elevations (or just outdoors in a strong wind). The Cotopaxi Abrazo fleece counteracts that chill by keeping you warm and dry, and brightly stylish to boot. The Abrazo comes in half-zip or full-zip options with two pockets for your paws. It’s super versatile since you can wear it year round — just use it as an insulative layer under your thinner ski shells come winter. For under $80, that’s a heck of a deal.

Also, this is the time to grab that puffy jacket you’ve been eyeing for next winter. Cotopaxi’s robust line of Fuego down jackets are 25 percent off during the REI Anniversary Sale, as well. And the brand is known for being an industry-leader in both environmental sustainability and social justice.

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25 percent off: water bottles you can drop off a cliff

hydroflask waterbottles

Photo: REI

A water bottle that keeps your drink cold for hours, or even days, is exactly what summer calls for. All HydroFlask water bottles are 25 percent off during the REI Anniversary Sale, which can save you as much as $25. Stainless steel, eco-friendly construction and design, and leak-proof lids are just a few of the reasons why HydroFlask bottles are the go-to for Matador’s outdoor team. They’re also ridiculously durable, and HydroFlask supports Parks For All, which works to increase exposure to wildlands for marginalized groups traditionally left out of outdoor recreation.

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30 percent off: tall REI branded backpacks, trekking poles, and accessories

rei backpack

Photo courtesy REI

All of REI’s best-selling packs are 30 percent off. This is ideal if you need a new daypack or overnighter — the brand’s packs are dependable and tough enough that they are perfect for laptop warriors and trail blazers. REI trekking poles are normally $79.95, on sale for sub-$60 during the sale. You can grab a Flash 22 pack for just over $40 or a Trail 25 pack for just over $70.

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25 percent off: Osprey Atmos AG and Aura AG backpacks

osprey aura backpack

Photo courtesy REI

Osprey’s Atmos and Aura tents are known for their AntiGravity suspension system, which eases the load on your shoulders so you can get deeper into the forest or desert. Each features Osprey’s signature lumbar support and well-ventilated back panel, helpful for summer hikes on hot days and anytime you’re trekking through the desert. The packs also feature highly adjustable torso length straps. These packs are above $300 normally, making this a great time to snag one for summer treks.

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25 percent off: all Black Diamond climbing gear

climbing gear

Photo: Oleksii Klonkin /Shutterstock

All Black Diamond climbing gear, from ropes and harnesses to helmets and headlamps, is 25 percent off during the REI Anniversary Sale. Stock up your kit for summer climbs, and if you’re just getting into the sport, now is a great time to tick off all that new gear you need to buy.

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